What to Tweet?

Posted on January 25, 2011


Twitter helps with business development, if your prospects are online (mine are). Read the following to get my full Twitter Rules

1) Use Twitter to Ask questions. Twitter is GREAT for getting opinions.

2) Follow interesting people. If you find someone who tweets interesting things, see who she follows, and follow her.

3) Tweet about other people’s stuff. Again, this doesn’t directly impact your business, but makes us feel like you’re not “that guy” always promoting himself.

4) When you DO talk about your stuff, make it useful. Give advice, blog posts, pictures, etc.

5) Make it fun! Create inventive contests, give away great prizes. Click here for examples.

6) Share the human side of your company. Point us to pictures and other human things from your company.

7) Commenting on others’ tweets, and retweeting what others have posted is a great way to build community.

Let’s Get Organized

8)You dont have to read every tweet

9) Use services like Twitter Search to make sure you see if someone’s talking about you. Try to participate where it makes sense. 3rd party clients like Tweetdeck and Twhirl make it a lot easier to manage Twitter.

The negatives people will throw at you

Twitter’s only a few million people. (only)

Some positives

Twitter breaks news faster than other sources,

Twitter helps one organize great, instant meetups (tweetups).
Twitter works swell as an opinion poll.
Twitter can help direct people’s attention to good things.

Meet people, go to events, respond @them directly talk to them, social network sites have so many tools to allow you to network, instant messagingz

Check out Twitter.search.com to see what people are saying about you today

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