Best Ever Clever Social Media Campaigns

Posted on February 1, 2011


Marketers are eager to find clever new ways to engage consumers online with branded content and interactive advertising that is good enough to make people want to share it with their network of friends.

Below are some of the best-ever clever social media campaigns identified by and a group of experts


Created in 2006, this popular Career Builder Promotion allows users to send personalized, monkey-themed e-cards for all occasions. The cards allow you to type any message that the Monkey actually says when the card is open. According to viral marketing company Oddcast, over 100 million Monk-E-Mails have been sent since the campaign first launched!

Design my own Vitaminwater for the chance of $5000 cash? Sweet! flavor

Vitaminwater created an interactive Facebook campaign that allowed Facebook fans to create their own flavor of water. The creator of the winning flavor received $5000. Forbes judges decided that what made this campaign successful was getting their name out their, building brand awareness, and promoting this social component through TV and online ads.

Target raises money for charity

This next social media campaign literally gave Facebook Fans the power of where to place $3 million dollars. They were given the opportunity to vote where the money should go among 10 selected charities. St. Judes Children Hospital received 26.6% of the votes and received $797,123 from Target.

This campaign attracted 167,000 Facebook fans, and tremendously raised awareness for Targets charitable efforts.

HGTV House Hunter Facebook Campaign

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