Social Media Interview Questions

Posted on February 15, 2011


Preparing for a job in social media? Below is a list of interview questions for a social media position. Study them, prepare your answers, and land that social media job you’ve always wanted!

69 Social Media Interview Questions

General Social Media Questions

What are some of the challenges explaining social media to non-technical executives? How do you overcome objections about social media?
What are your strengths in social media?
What are your weaknesses in social media?
Which social bookmarking sites do you use?
What social media tools do you use?
How do you manage an online reputation? If one of our executives had a bad online reputation (bad press, etc) and wanted to fix it, what would you recommend?
What areas of social media would you recommend outsourcing?
What are the risks with becoming involved in social media?
What do you do offline to increase your online knowledge?

Social Media Industry Questions
What is Web 2.0?
What does Web 3.0 look like?
What’s the “next big thing?”
What is the difference between social media and social networking?
What do you think of social media consultants?
What’s the most exciting part of social media?
What social media blogs do you read? What research do you follow?
Who’s your favorite social media expert?

Social Media Technical Questions
Explain the difference between Facebook Like and Sharing on Facebook.
If you’re planning a vacation and will be out of touch and not able to get online for a week, what tools would you use to ensure social media updates are being posted?
Write three headlines for news stories that you think will have tremendous success on social media. What makes the headline successful? Write a headline for a successful article about our company.
How often should we update Twitter?
How do you handle criticism of a company online?
What would you do if someone started a parody account poking fun at our company?
What is your policy for moderating comments?
Would you pay a blogger to write favorably about our company?
How would you show unique content only to fans on our Facebook page?
Who in our organization should be blogging on behalf of the company?
How would you perform competitive analysis in the social space?
What do think about software applications that autofollow or try to get get large masses of friends on social network sites?
What do the statistics look like for a healthy Facebook fan page?
Explain what a retweet is.
What is RSS? Why is it important?
Have you ever gotten a piece of content onto the front page of Digg?
How frequently do you update Facebook and Twitter?

Social Media Analytics & Marketing Questions
How do you measure success on social media?
What metrics do you use to measure the effectiveness of social media?
How would you tell that a social media campaign has failed?
What key performance indicators would you recommend to report on social media efforts?
Write down a table of contents for a social media strategy.
What elements should go into a social media marketing plan?
Why would we want to pay for social media advertising?
What are the best types of things to advertise on a social networking site?
What analytics software packages have you used?
Describe the most successful social media campaign you have ever seen. What made it so successful? Could you duplicate that level of success?
Describe a social media campaign you ran from start to finish.
Provide an example of a social media campaign you are current running. Show me what channels it is in. Describe the next steps for your campaign.
What are the elements that make a video go viral?

Our Company
How will the candidate use social media for the company? Has the candidate reviewed the company’s current social media presence and formed an opinion?
For our business, would Twitter or Facebook be more effective?
Why would we want to continue using MySpace?
Why should we use social media?
What would be the first thing you would do if hired for this position? What would your goal be for the first month? The first year?
Would you use Facebook Like or Facebook Recommend on our site?
What social sites should our company have a presence on?
How would you integrate social media into our site? What buttons or widgets would you recommend?
What percentage of our referral traffic would you think our site should get from social media sites?
Give our company a grade on our current social media efforts.
How would a social check in site benefit our business?
What tabs should we have on our company Facebook page? Which one should be default?
How do you define social media reach? What is the current social media reach our of our company?
What are 5 things you would recommend to us to do immediately in the social space?

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