Social Media Interview Tips

Posted on February 15, 2011


So you went to college, received your expensive diploma, have your resume all ready, and now your ready to enter the job market. From your marketing and business courses, you’ve been inspired by social media and have decided that this is the industry for you. You have have a Facebook and Twitter account, update your status daily, and believe that is all that’s really necessary to get a job in the social media industry. Right?


There is a lot more to a career in social media than just tweeting, and writing Facebook statuses. There is a lot of preparation you should take into consideration when applying for a position in social media. Below are some useful tips that will help you prepare and land that sweet position that you’ve always wanted.

Tips To Land Your Dream Job In Social Media

Stay Current!

It’s it crucial that you stay on top of the latest trends in social media. I suggest reading the “big time blogs” such as,, and They’re updated daily with the latest, most current information in the industry. They are extremely resourceful with tips on blogging, job openings, social media events worldwide, and lots more. I suggest signing up for their newsletters as well, it’s free, and will provide you daily updates directly to your email.

Reading never gets old! Stay up to date with the latest in social media books. There are lot of great books out there. I highly recommend Groundswell by Charlene Li. It is the #1 book with a tremendous amount of useful information on how to integrate social media into your marketing mix. I also really like The New Rules of Marketing and PR and The Social Media Marketing. It’s an amazing read that really opens your eyes on how social media is completely revolutionizing the way we do marketing here on out.


You’re applying for a social media position where there is blogging involved, right? So why not blog for yourself! It’s fun and easy, and gets your creative thoughts flowing. Try out WordPress or Blogger today. Write 1 or 2 articles today just for fun, and see how easy it can be. Check out or


The best way to learn about social media is to connect with others already in the industry. Create a LinkedIn account, and connect with other social media professionals.

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