Posted on February 16, 2011


“75% of people who participate in loyalty programs are more likely to recommend a product.”


Our U-Rewards platform is an online points based loyalty program equipped with a branded e-store. Reward customers with points and then set them loose in your own branded environment where you choose the rewards. U-Rewards provides a turnkey platform for providing powerful incentives for consumers to purchase your products and services. Our loyalty platform is flexible and scaleable by supporting B2B or B2C applications of almost any size. U-Rewards is the ultimate solution to customer retention and loyalty. With U-Rewards the possibilities are endless

Flexible Prize Structures
Online Rewards Catalog
Scalable Point Levels
Instant Win/Sweepstakes Overlays
Promotional Auctions for Limited Edition Items
Brandmovers provides a full service solution including:
Web Design, Development & Hosting
Prize Sourcing and Fulfillment
Technical Support
Customer Service

Example: “My Arby’s Rewards” campaign and Starbucks Reward card campaign.

One company that does an excellent job of identifying its customers as unique individuals is Weight Watchers. As opposed to mass marketing, Weight Watchers focus is on one-one marketing but on a mass basis. This is a fundamental shift from the traditional methods most marketers adopt. The IncrEdible Rewards program provides loyal Weight Watchers consumers with an easy way to reap the rewards of purchasing Weight Watchers products for a healthy lifestyle. It rewards its loyal customers with gifts as individual as they are.

Over 1 million gifts can be chosen at real time and on-demand. Now that’s Engagement!

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