Scavenger Hunts and Social Media

Posted on February 17, 2011


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Every weekday the Downtown Ithaca Alliance hides a garden gnome somewhere in downtown Ithaca, New York. They then post a clue to its location on their Facebook Fan Page. The first person to email or SMS the location of the gnome wins free coffee and bagels for their office. All types of local professionals, from lawyers, accountants, and university professors have gotten into the game, said Vicki Taylor, the director of marketing and events for the Downtown Ithaca Alliance. “Some offices send out the gnome finding team as soon as the clue is posted,” said Taylor, “The purpose is to make downtown feel like a community. We want people to be excited about being here.” Even though some contestants have been ruthless, Taylor claims, “No gnomes were harmed in the game, so far.”

Hey, it’s all about thinking outside the box, right?

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