Need Help With Your SEO and Internet Marketing? We Can Help!

We help small and large businesses market themselves on the web using only the latest, innovative creative strategies.

We meet with businesses both personally and virtually. During our initial meeting, we will conduct a “power hour” meeting, where we listen to your business review and understand what is working for you online now, and what’s not. We then design a strategy using the services you’ve chosen, and then implement! Watch your online presence and sales skyrocket!

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We want to help you get your phones ringin’ and your doors swingin’!

Monthly consulting clients can choose a package that meets their needs. Our goal is to help you continue to make the right moves online and convert as much as possible. We can consult on:

Pay Per Click
Social Media
Internet Marketing Ventures
Google Analytics
Blogging (Personal & Business)
Email Marketing
Social Media Consulting
Blog Design, Strategy, Setup and/or Optimization
Training on Social Media tools
Management of blogs, podcasts, and social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Foursquare, Flickr, Tumblr, and more
Social Media Marketing Strategy
Social Media Audits and Competitive Analysis
Social Profile Creation
Community Building Strategy Development and Monitoring

Consulting Packages

We offer a variety of monthly consulting packages. Our goal is to give you the advice you need month to month to help you effectively increase your presence on the Web.

2 Hours a Month – $150
4 Hours a Month – $300
6 Hours a Month – $400
8 Hours a Month – $500

1) Strategic brainstorming – is this even the right course for you?
What you need to know about social media
Defining success in the Social Web world
What are the goals?

2) Blog set up and content collaboration

We help you build a presence on social web sites like:
1) – more than photo sharing, a photo community
2) – finding and recommending newsworthy items
3) – flickr for videos
4) – teens and music
5) – reaching the college crowd
6) iTunes Podcast submissions – reaching everyone
7) – public relations online
8) Email marketing
9) Twitter – communicating with the world by answering ‘what are you doing now’?
10) Virb – A hip new social networking site
11) Ning – Create your own social networking site on your own domain name

3) Providing educational tools
Connecting you with good online and book resources
Intermix Social Media handguide

4)Integrate the basics of SEM & SEO
(Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization)

5) Reporting & Analytics

Reporting – Configure statistics for feeds, blogs, web sites and assets like photos and videos on other web sites

6) How to set up a podcast

7) Video online marketing & Viral Promotions

At Intermix Social media, we believe that social media is a way to tell your brand’s story. It’s nice to have cool tools like Facebook and Twitter, but the key goal is to share your story, make heroes out of your people, and build a community around your brand! Call today for a free consultation:

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